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CNN's Becky Anderson interviewed Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan as he faces a runoff in his country's elections.

CNN - World:Turkey was devastated by an earthquake. Here's what that means for tourism
It was shaping up to be a golden year for tourism in Turkey. With favorable exchange rates sweetening the deal for visitors, the country's beautiful beaches, historic cities and geological wonders were poised for a post-pandemic tourism revival.

CNN - World:When disaster strikes, this CNN Hero springs into action
At home in Anchorage, Alaska, nurse Teresa Gray was playing a board game with her children when she heard about the massive earthquake that hit Turkey and Syria on February 6.

CNN - World:What travelers to Turkey need to know
It's been nearly a month since a 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck Turkey and Syria, claiming the lives of thousands of people and injuring many more.

CNN - World:Turkey's Red Crescent criticized for selling tents to charity instead of giving them to quake victims
Turkey's Red Crescent organization has been criticized by lawmakers and citizens after revelations that it sold tents to a charity instead of donating them to people in urgent need after the massive earthquake that claimed more than 44,000 lives earlier this month.

CNN - World:Turkey arrests nearly 200 people over alleged poor building construction following quake tragedy
Nearly 200 people have been arrested for alleged poor building construction following the catastrophic earthquake that struck Turkey earlier this month, Turkey's Justice Ministry said.

CNN - World:Turkey halts most rescue efforts for earthquake survivors
Turkey has ended most search and rescue operations, nearly two weeks after a huge earthquake killed tens of thousands of people, the country's disaster management authority said.

CNN - World:Body of soccer star Christian Atsu returns to Ghana from Turkey
The body of Ghana soccer star Christian Atsu arrived in Accra, Ghana on Sunday evening after it was flown from Turkey, Ghana's Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration (MFA) said.

CNN - World:A pair of eyes and the call of 'Brother!': 13-year-old boy among 'miracle' rescues 10 days after quake
More than 10 days after the devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake that hit Turkey and Syria, people continue to be pulled from the rubble alive, defying expectations for survival after so many hours.

CNN - World:Ghanaian soccer player Christian Atsu found dead under earthquake rubble in Turkey
The body of Ghana soccer star Christian Atsu was found under rubble on Saturday, according to his agent, almost two weeks after the earthquake that devastated Turkey and Syria.

CNN - World:Turkish channels call Aleyna 'miracle girl' who was rescued alive 248 hours after earthquake
A 17-year-old was dubbed the "miracle girl" when she was pulled alive from the rubble 248 hours after a fatal earthquake that ripped through southern Turkey, as rescue efforts shift to recovery operations ten days on from the disaster.

CNN - World:Woman asks 'what day is it?' when pulled from the rubble 228 hours after earthquake
A confused woman asked her rescuers "What day is it?" when pulled alive from the rubble of last week's earthquake after 228 hours, Turkey's state-run news agency Anadolu reported Wednesday, as another woman aged 77 was also rescued from the debris.

CNN - World:'The darkness of not knowing disappears': China data leak gives Uyghurs answers about missing family members
• Video: Uyghur man finds brother in leaked files • Analysis: Washington forges rare political unity in condemning China over balloon drama • US officials disclosed new details about spy balloon's capabilities. Here's what we know